“Exceptional design is the connection between oneself and nature” - Gina Mae Schubert

Gina Mae Schubert, Interior Designer

Gina Mae Schubert has been for most her career in the area of interior design in North and Central America. She specializes in new design and the restoration of interiors and exteriors. Her studio offers full service interior design, Auto Cad, digital rendering, project management and architectural services. Her resume includes hospitality, residential, retail, multifamily and commercial developments.

Ms Schubert was raised in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest of Canada and brings inspiration from the aesthetics of nature, her Haida Culture, and her unique artistic talents. She was educated in New York at the New York School of Interior Design where she was the only foreigner to win the most valuable scholarship in the school - The Judith T. Collins Scholarship since the schools inception in 1918.

“The Client’s Vision” and the interpretation of that visualization is the most important aspect when working with someone or a group. We help our clients create their dream, and then create impressions through detailed drawings and an assortment of visual aides to convey the client’s ideas. Our design concepts range from any historical style, to any contemporary composition to match the impression of our client’s.

“Referencing the Past”.  Her design flare can be from Historical to Modern, but with the addition of references to the past, in regards to pieces that refer to history; this will ensure that your project stays in style for many years to come.

Her goal is not only a “Beautiful Functional Environment” but also “An Intimate Atmosphere” through a layout and space planning which allows families and occupants to live, thrive and grow together in harmony. Feng Shui is important in all of her designs and she believes all her plans to be successful must consider this aspect. If possible the focus and enhancement of the view and the light that flows inside out are synonymous to good design.

Ms. Gina Mae Schubert, is the mother of two little girls and the President of Art of the Raven Design; CEO of Gina Mae Schubert Design and Bon Bon Maison. She has also traveled extensively and has studied English Country Homes in Europe with Dr. Hugh Crean of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Some of Ms. Schubert’s clients are Fairmont Hotels, Museum of Anthropology, Langara Fishing adventures, West Coast Fishing Adventures, New York Mortgage Co., Quest Oil Corporation, Solarice Wellness Spa’s, E.F.G. International Swiss Bank and numerous clients with exquisite homes.