“Exceptional design is the connection between oneself and nature” - Gina Mae Schubert


Gina Mae Schubert Design Co. specializes in interior and exterior design motifs. We help clients design and redesign their environments to suit their lifestyles personally or corporately. Our personal interaction, detailed sketch ability and proficiency in Auto Cad, allows clients to formulate their own concepts, make quick and informative decisions, and create a design or an environment which is truly their own expression.


Ms. Schubert, a Haida, finds inspiration in the art and architecture of her culture, and first nation’s cultures of the world. She feels that this ancient architecture needs to be revived; not just for the beauty that it is, but the importance of stimulating the nostalgia of the first nations people and hence bringing them back to their culture. Gina has been featured on a documentary call “Living Architecture” produced by Muskeg Media, which was aired on PBS in 2007 and 2008. This information can be found at: http://members.tripod.com/rkbegay/id109.htm


Some of many of Ms. Schubert’s clients are: The Museum of Anthropology, Quest Oil Corporation, New York Mortgage Co., Langara Fishing Adventures and Fairmont Hotels.



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